Association of patients
with immunodeficiency HAE/AAE
Account number: 234484669/0300

Contact information:
Iveta Maselli - chairwoman
mobile: +420 606 290 570


We invite you to become a member of the Association of patients with immunodeficiency HAE/AAE.

Why become a member?

Above all it is an expression of support! Support of the interests of patients! Although, members must be above 18 years of age: patients, family and friends of patients.

  • membership is free of charge
  • gaining membership involves sending a filled out application form either electronically or by mail (you may receive the application form at these physician’s offices – link to advice council – physicians).

Benefits of membership

  • Possibility of participation at seminars and workshops.
  • Receiving information about HAE/AAE research and news, treatment advancements, activities of the association etc.

Membership in the association is subjected to the Data Protection Policy enforced by law number 101/2000 Sb., which we thoroughly follow. Therefore, publicly obtainable information from these web pages are the names of members who agreed with their names (or even photography) being disclosed.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the association, please fill out all necessary information in the application form and send it to our office.

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